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Dieng Plateau Tour

Dieng Plateau Tour
a day Tour to visit Dieng Plateau, located on the highland on the central of Java Island where you can see,  the beautiful panoramic of agriculture in mountain terraces along the route to reach Dieng Plateau, Complex Dieng Temples the complex of small Hindu temples built at 7th century, Sikidang Crater, an active hot mud crater that surrounded  by small strong sulfur smelling crates, see the color lake Telaga Warna, that it will look more beautiful from a height.

Tour itinerary
07.00 or earlier depart from Jogjakarta to Wonosobo the nearest city from Dieng plateau
10.00 arrive at Dieng plateau  visit Complex of the temple, Sikidang Crater and Telaga Warna
13.00 driving to at Wonosobo to take lunch
14.00 going back to Jogjakarta
17.00 arrive at Jogjakarta

Dieng Plateau Tour could be combined with
Borobudur Sunrise tour